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Lemonade Stand Manual


Lemonade Stand is a turn-based audiogame intended to introduce young people to the world of business by running a lemonade stand. You control everything from selecting your location, ordering and managing supplies and advertising around the neighborhood to mixing the perfect lemonade recipe and setting your prices. There are 3 playing modes and 3 difficulty levels to challenge even the most savviest of entrepreneurs.

System requirements

Requires windows 7 or later and 80 MB of disk space

Working speakers or headphones.

This game is self-voicing and uses your native TTs engine. You may also use your preferred screen reader, if supported.

Supported screen readers:
JAWS for Windows
Window Eyes
System Access
Supernova and other Dolphin products
PC Talker

Installation Instructions

Download the setup lemonade stand.exe file from our downloads page. Navigate to it and click it. Read and if you agree, accept the license terms. Follow the wizard and install the game where you like. Default location is C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Cerulean Blue Software\Little Boss' Lemonade Stand\

The game should launch after installation.

Keyboard commands

Here are the available keyboard commands:

up arrow or numpad 8 = move up.

down arrow or numpad 2 = move down.

left arrow or numpad 4 = move left.

right arrow or numpad 6 = move right.

(Note: The keys listed above will be referred to as directional keys for the remainder of this document.)

This game is menu driven, players are prompted to make choices.

Directional keys = Move through the list of available choices.

Pressing ENTER, RETURN, or SPACE will activate the highlighted selection.

Pressing ESC (the escape key) will allow you to escape out of most menus.

Pressing "r" or "R" will repeat the last prompt in most menus.

S = speak the highlighted letter phonetically.

In text entry mode:

Use the keys on your keyboard to input text.

F1 - will give you keyboard entry mode specific help.

F2 - will repeat text entered so far.

ESC (the escape key) - will clear the entire entry.

Backspace- will delete the last letter or number you typed.

In yess or no prompts:

Pressing "y" or "Y" will return yes.

Pressing "n" or "N" will return no.

Game play

Before listening to a brief backstory, you will be prompted to enter your name. next, you will be asked to select your difficulty level. Finally, you will select your goal.


Easy mode allows you to start the game with a decent amount of cash and starting inventory. This mode will also offer hints on how to improve sales, where lacking. Your goal should be easy to achieve.


Challenging mode allows you to start the game with a moderate amount of cash and starting inventory. Your goal will also present a challenge.


Hard mode allows you to start the game with minimal amount of cash and 0 inventory. Your goal will be hard to achieve.

The goal you choose will determine how much cash you wish to earn and the duration of the game.


You win the game by earning enough cash in the appropriate amount of time. For example, if you selected to earn $100.00 in 30 days, earning $100.00 or more within 30 days will allow you to achieve your goal and win. You lose the game by running out of money or exceeding the time limit.

The Main menu

Use your tablet computer

The tablet computer was a gift you recieved for your birthday. you can use this device to get weather reports, go shopping or track orders, check your cash, review local events and save your game progress.


It is important to check the weather report each day. If it rains, you will not be able to sell lemonade or gain profits that day.


You can shop online for supplies you need to make and sell lemonade and poster boards to advertise your business. For each item available, you will be offered the choice of 3 packages, each a different price and quantity. Select the appropriate package for your needs and budget and add it to your shopping cart. You can remove unwanted items from your shopping cart if you decide you do not want something. Proceed to checkout when ready.

The shopping feature will also search for and use any e-coupons it finds. E-coupons are offered from time to time to promote sales.

At checkout, you will be offered a choice from 3 delivery methods.

Same day delivery costs $5. You will get your order immediatly after completing checkout.

Next day delivery costs $3. You will get your order tomorrow.

2 day shipping is free and orders arrive 2 days later.

While awaiting a delivery, you will not be able to make additional orders, instead the shopping menu will track your orders and show you their delivery day.


The banking menu allows you to see your cash and current progress in the game.

Local events

It is important to check local events daily to see what's going on around town. This will help you make an informed choice when selecting the location of your lemonade stand.

Save your progress

Use this option to save the game.

Shutdown the tablet

Turns off the computer and returns you to the Main menu.

Check your inventory

Check the amount of lemons, sugar, cups and poster boards you have on-hand.

Manage Advertisements

Check how many advertising posters you have already placed around town.

Check how many posters you have set up to advertise your lemonade.

Put out more posters

Enter the number of posters you wish to place around town to promote your business. You will then spend the day making and putting up posters and thus, will not be able to sell lemonade for that day. Adbertising your business will increase the number of customers you get.

Go back

Returns you to the main menu.

Sell lemonade

Select your location. Decide how many lemons and sugar to use, determine your price per glass and watch as you do business.

When you run out of supplies, or customers, you will be shown a report of the days sales attempt. Here you will be given detailed information to help you make good buisness choices.

End the day

Ends the day and begins a new one.

When a new day begins, remember to check your cash and supplies as well as other information available to you. Each day is different. The weather may change, there might be an online sale, the weather may have destroyed some of your advertising posters or there might be a local event going on around town.


Adjust music volume and set speed play mode.

Music volume - determines how loud or quiet the music is.

Speed play mode determines whether you see customer interactions while selling lemonade.

Change Text-to-speech settings- Here, you can adjust the voice, volume and speaking rate of the self-voicing feature. You can also disable self-voicing and use your preferred screen reader.


Opens a web browser and displays this page.

Quit the game

Ends the game.