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The Human Race

Humans came to the continent of MidReign having survived the great catastrophe that struck the world centuries ago. Having believed that most of the continent was uninhabited, the humans set about rebuilding their lives and soon became the dominant power on land. The human race did not even become aware of the other races, the Valmana and the Pyroksi until a century after they had settled the land and their expansionistic impulses drove them into neighboring domains. Although initial contact between the human race and the other 2 major races was hindered by hostility and mistrust, an enduring peace would eventually win out with the human race serving as the binding force among the alliance. Blessed by the God of Courage, humans are both brave and clever and can find ways of doing almost anything if they dare to try.

The Pyroksi Race

The Pyroksi are one of the most long-lived among the races of the world. Rock-like in appearance and mighty in strength, these beings are born in the fiery hearts of active volcanos. Since the events of the great catastrophe, the Pyroksi had chosen to seclude themselves in the deep caverns and tunnels beneath the surface of the world. There They thrived for over a century, content in the safety of their isolation. Pyroksi are a hearty race, who share their histories in the form of songs and stories. Living for almost 5 centuries, they are slow to act, but when they do, they do so with the force of an erupting volcano. Boasting a natural affinity to fire, they do not suffer from extremely high temperatures, however, they lack the ability to swim and can not survive underwater. Favored by the God of Power, the Pyroksi are both strong and ambitious, seeking to smash their way through obstacles rather than overcome them.

The Valmana Race

Deep beneath the waves of the Starry Sea lie the domain of the Valmana. An aquatic race of people who are both innately magical and very wise. Valmana can survive on land but share an affinity with water. They can reach the deepest depths of any body of water, but suffer greatly in the heat and can not tolerate fire. Blessed by the Goddess of Wisdom, Valmana make the best law makers, diplomats an mages. Valmana are slow to act, but try to change the world around them with every action, much how a flowing stream can carve the deepest canyon given enough time, Valmana are patient, wise and logical.

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