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rules and Policies

Basic rules

1: You must be at least 18 years old to play. No exceptions.
Since this game requires all participants to be at least 18 years old, or of an age of majority, you are expected to conduct yourself as the adult you claim to be.


It is human nature for disagreements and conflict to arise from time to time. However, we do not have to resort to negativity and disrespectful actions to resolve such issues.
Hosts will show respect to players and fellow hosts, at all times.
Players shall show respect to hosts and fellow players, at all times.
This is a role-playingg game and as such, you might be exposed to situations which might test or even cross your comfort levels. If you find yourself in a situation in which you are uncomfortable with, your best option is to withdraw immediately. Player discretion is advised.
That being said, you will not use this game to bully or harass anyone.

Alternate Characters

1: We allow you to have up to 3 (three) characters per account.
2: You are only ever allowed one account.
3: Your characters may never ever be active at the same times, nor should they ever be at the same location.
4: Your characters may never ever share or exchange anything, either directly, or through other means, i.e, dropping them in a public place, have ing someone else handle the transfer, etc.
5: Your characters will role-play at all times, except when in an OOC environment or while using our Out of Character channels.


We work very hard to make Midreign an enjoyable place to be and to provide a true gaming challenge. these challenges are meant to be taken on by living beings, not automated processes. To that end, scripting is outright banned on Midreign.
Examples of scripting include, but are not limited to:
1: Using client triggers , timers, or other automation to send commands to the MOO.
2: Using client aliases to send more than 1 command to the MOO.
3: Command stacking, which we define as sending multiple commands to the moo at one time. this includes speedwalks and the use of command seperators.

Punishments and appeals

if it is determined by the head admin, or at least two other hosts that a breaking of the rules has occured, a violation shall be affixed to your account record.
Violations of our rules and policies will result in the following punishments:
Informal warning: A ban not to exceed 24 hours, as determined by the host and the situation.
First violation: 7 day ban.
Second violation: 30 day ban.
Third violation: Permanent ban.
Note that rulings of bullying or harassment are treated as third violations.
Upon receiving a rule violation, you have 30 days in which to appeal your case.
After thirty days, the violation becomes permanent.
If you wish to appeal, You may present your case via email to support@ceruleanbluesoftware.net
In your message, include the following:
Your character or account name.
The rule or policy you are accused of violating.
A statement, in your words as to why you feel the warning should be overturned.
Any loggs you might have to back up your claim.
The staff will review the case and make a determination based upon the evidence presented.
If the appeal is successful, the violation shall be removed from your account and the ban shall be lifted.
The ruling of the appeal shall be final and may not be appealed again.
If you have violations on your record, and have not had a violation in the past year, you may request that the violation be expunged from your record, as you have demonstrated your ability to abide by the rules and policies. Note violations of bullying and or harassment will never be removed from our records.
To request an expungement, you can present your case in the same manner as the appeals process presented above.
By connecting to MidReign, you have demonstrated that you have read and agree to follow our rules.
If you disagree with any of our rules and policies, please log off now and know we wish you well in your travels.

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